Its always a struggle to sum up what one does and who one is in just a single hour.

There was so much left undiscussed, but then again, there always is.

I like Kenny Hunter, I enjoyed talking to him and I found him to be a good listener. He had some interesting observations and I’m sure he has a unique insight that will hopefully be revealed a bit more throughout the year.

In preparation for my tutorial I began making a word-wall. Just a few linguistic hooks to tether some of my interests down with. Right now the word-wall is reading:

Culture//Myth//Time//Flow-Flux//Language//Study of Systems

More will probably come later.

To summarise the main points of the tutorial:

  • I have been drawn from project to project and it’s time to focus again on re-contextualising my work.
  • This year I should be exploring my core identity as an artist.
  • Which possible directions would I like to go in? I will probably continue having a multi-faceted practice straddling public art, gallery art etc. I don’t seem to fit within any particular group ie. my work seems unique.

There is still more thinking to do surrounding these points. Re-contextualising my work could be very useful. This is probably one of my main reasons for being here. My core identity as an artist… well, that is a bit more tricky. My Identity changes incrementally depending on who I’m speaking to and in the same way my work changes as each context changes.

I consider this to be one of my skills as an artist working at this particular time in this particular culture. I do not make work in a vacuum, and I do not make work by myself, normally. Ideas pass through me and are transformed within me. I am a conductor and a tool of transformation. The ability to integrate, reform and regroup while connecting up disparate points and navigating paradoxes are part of what I bring to society by working as an artist.

Thinking in material form is what allows me to do this, however I’m being increasingly led by the written word. Sometimes I’m forced to articulate the work before I have even made it. This is bad because it means that I then needn’t bother making the work at all.

I must stop writing and start working. But first, one other point:

The reading that we have been given this week, combined with the tutorial have given me the feeling that I will be best able to make use of this time in further education if I am able to begin with a clean slate, Maybe even be a clean slate myself. However this is difficult, perhaps impossible because I am carrying so much unfinished research work inside me from the last residency I did at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. I’m not able to wipe myself clean yet.

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