Back in week two, after reading a considerable volume of writing on the subject of art college education, I decided to set up my own ‘Reflection week’ in response to the text.

I asked a selection of artists to provide me with a small task that would give me an insight into their own creative processes. This week my tasks have been coming in, so I’ve been taking some time out to complete them.

Task ♯1

Task one was given to me by Simone at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh:

I was given the task of transferring hanks of wool into balls using a ‘niddy noddy’ and a strange wooden umbrella-like tool that spins in a rather entrancing and hypnotic way.

During the course of my winding I seemed to gather a huddle of spectators, which was probably the main thing that prevented me from slipping completely into a wool-winding trance.

With my body occupied in a pleasantly repetitive action, my mind was able to roam free.

The actual process of tapestry making is very slow and requires a lot of concentration. This partly completed tapestry is being woven by Freya, who showed me how the yarn must be beaten down using the pointed end of the wooden bobbin.

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