I am currently working on a documentary film in the city of Nablus in Palestine. As a result things have been a little bit quiet on my blog recently.

Film maker Joanna Helfer and I have been brought to Nablus by the Dundee Nablus Twinning Association to make a short film exploring daily life in Nablus. This film will be used to raise awareness of the twinning project and to give people a general feel for life here.

We have had a very busy week following the official delegation from Dundee. We have visited refugee camps, schools, a mosque, the mayor and his councillors, the music school, NGOs, the fire brigade as well as many others.

Mayor Adly Yaish welcoming a delegation from Turkey

I have been interested in Arabic culture for a very long time. I first started learning Arabic when I was fourteen though I have persevered as much as possible in the intervening years, I can’t say I’m very fluent. None the less, the flowing script fascinates me, as does the great importance placed on the spoken and written word within Islam.

I’ll be continuing my own artistic research while I’m here by building up a collection of images and sounds which I will post rationalize on my return to Scotland. I hope to collect some thoughts too however these are often difficult to pin down while I am surrounded by so much hustle and bustle.

Hopefully an opportunity to stroll in the olive groves will give me a quiet moment to reflect soon.

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