have spent a bit of time picking olives out and around Nablus. The olive harvest is just at its end now and many of the international volunteers who come to help the farmers pick from the trees near Israeli settlements are beginning to leave.

Many of the trees here are extremely old. I am often directed to trees that are claimed to have produced olives since Roman times. Sometimes their trunks are a meter in diameter and are so gnarly I can well believe it.
I am yet to see a fencedividing an olive grove. Older members of the community know their trees off by heart and will just pick from their own trees.

Each generation seems short in comparison to the lifespan of the olive grove.
I have taken three videos of olive trees from small towns around Nablus. Funny that my work is so focused on Flux yet I chose to film the most permanent thing I have seen. Perhaps the stillness of the trees makes all the surrounding change more visible.

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