Enter Ghost Exit Ghost by Palestinian artist Bashir Makhoul explores a number of very interesting ideas. Mazes, layers of spectral images, overlapping military and civilian spaces…

Return in Conflict, 2008, Bashir Makhoul

I didn’t manage to find out whether there might be spaces within the city of Nablus that are haunted by the spectres of those who have died there. Perhaps the idea of the ghost has to be present in your culture before you are able to see them.

During Eid I noticed that palm leaves were being collected in huge piles outside the local cemetery. On enquiring about this I was told that the spirits grow restless in their graves at this time of year, so their families bring palm leaves to build canopies above the graves in order to calm them down. Perhaps the dead know that their living relatives are all meeting up and get frustrated with being confined to their small boxes.

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