“Don’t Fetishise your research or you will be seduced by it.”

These words have been travelling through my thoughts regularly ever since my tutorial with Andrew Sneddon on Tuesday.

It can be challenging to tell what is research process and what is art. There is a constant flurry of internal dialogue going on, and sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up with the flow.

It takes time to make things in the real world. Material objects don’t often behave as you might want them to, but it is essential to give physical form to at least some of the clusters of ideas that are flying about, otherwise they fade and recede till nothing remains of them but a trace of an outline.

Should you need to recall your thought process, the  situation feels similar to the experience of peering at an erased drawing on a piece of paper in the hope that the few remaining smudges will enable you work out what was once there.

Its nearly always impossible to see the image in its entirety.

So where does this leave the process-based artist?

It’s tiring being a constant conductor of ideas. Sometimes you must concentrate on making work and exhibiting it. Try to still the mind a little. The objects that are made then give form to nodal points in the web and the flow of ideas. They are symbolic signifiers that solidify part of the thought process for a while. Just a split second before they take on their own meaning out there in the world.


Thats why the best artworks are the ones that are completely effortless. The drawing that allows you to capture the confluence of ideas in a single moment.

Somehow I still feel like I am squinting in the half-linght.



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