Before the moment passes, I’d like to record some of my thoughts on Artists Paul Harrison and John wood.

Paul Harrison visited us at the ECA last week to talk about the work they have been doing together for 20 odd years.

An engrossing, at times hilarious hour was spent watching a progression of works that began with a painfully Newtonian performance of being hit on the head with apples and other small gravity borne objects. We ended with an epic birds-eye view journey down the side of a multi story building inhabited by suited men engaged in surreal work-place situations.

This entertaining and thought provoking lecture left me with quite a few perplexing questions:

How do you get a scrunched up piece of paper to magically unfold into a taught (slightly wrinkly) sheet? AND with such richly textured sound too? …for example.

Given the sheer dedication that these two need in order to achieve each new work, fulfilling their artistic vision would be insurmountably challenging to the ‘normal’ human being.

Luckily for us there are at least two people in the world who are willing to spend weeks repeatedly shooting pingpong balls into a plastic cup that lies out of sight, before finally hitting their target successfully. They also then have the grace to edit the whole lot into a neatly poetic 4 seconds of film that ends with a satisfying plonk.

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