Last week a number of my fellow students and I spent four days participating in Transfer: a workshop on mapping artworlds led by Anna Leonie.

So many words were uttered that the room quickly became full of carbon dioxide which has led to my inability to remember much of what has been said…

A few things have emerged as interesting ideas that may yet return to make themselves useful.


This map was generously given to me by Anna Leonie. It marks out the human figure in just two dimensions so that clothes patterns can be cut for people of all shapes and sizes.

I’ve been working on my listening device down in the metal workshop recently. The process of visualising form in sheet metal is strangely similar to that of pattern cutting for tailoring. So this map struck a chord with me.


Is this an art world? Do you need white cotton gloves to handle it?

Here we see the problem with trying to represent a sphere on a flat piece of paper. Maybe its time to get the scissors and glue out…



We were asked to make a map of our own artworld. Using the idea of two poles as a way of exploring all that is in between. This is my map. Upside-down in the top left is a coffee lift etching titled Fear of the Castle. This image records the observation by one of my fellow students that the looming presence of the castle outside the window dominates the space that we were working in.

The map also includes the outline for a rhizome system, a circular entity of some kind as well as a positively charged pole.

This map prefers to be displayed folded in the exhibition space as it feels a little bit too shy to be revealing its delicately smudged surface to so many pernicious words.

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