Why the fascination with mountains?

mount of temptation

The Mount of Temptation near Jericho now has a swiss made cable car that enables the weary pilgrim to ascend nearly all the way to the summit without the aid of the devil.

Usually on ascension of a mountain I find that temptation decreases. Things seem insignificant. The human world hurries on below but somehow, from where I am, they look like ants.

I like the feeling of disjunction between my self and the rest of the species. Everything seems suddenly ridiculous. both out of control and futile.

The mountain can also be a symbol of struggle. Determination, desire and impossibility.

‘Mountains are the final moment of aggregation. They are crystalline forms, pyramids, triangles: energy in its most perfect form. And the mountain has a relationship with the spirit. Up a mountain you are nearer the spirit. Thats why [Joseph] Beuys so loved the mountains, crystals and Giovanni Segantini, who painted mountains.’

Lucio Amelio

mount top

Voglio vedere i miei montagne

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