Its a new year.

Not a lot has been happening in the studio over the last few weeks as I’ve been making the most of my quota of recuperation time before the new term begins.

Actually, close inspection tells me that the works I made last term have been busy living out their own lives while I’ve been away.

The soap monolith is curing well, it’s still giving out an olive scent and should be ready for dissection and dispersal when the appropriate moment arrives.

I have noticed a few  teeth marks along some of the lower edges and I suspect that this is a tell-tale sign that mice have been traversing the lower slopes while I’ve been gone. I have no idea whether they might have reached the summit or not, but I am pretty certain that freshly poured, caustic soapmix is not likely to be the tastiest post-ascent snack.

new year

Ring mark left by curing process

According to my feedback today I am progressing well. The main aim this term will be to focus on bringing a few elements of my research closer to completion.

Its always challenging to focus when there are so many exciting things to explore.


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