The world is full of gaps.

The structure of thought seems unstable. Things that are separate become conjoined instantaneously but then drift apart again. How does one hold things together while living in a world that is constantly on the move.

I’m not sure whether I’m trying to regain control or relinquish it.

mind the gap

So how are the gaps making themselves felt at this moment?

I’ve been reading about the Artist as Curator, the Plumber as Joiner, the dancer as Computer Programmer, the Neuroscientist as Musician… Everybody wants to be someone else, but why?

Stepping out of your own role and into somebody else’s can allow some exciting things to happen. A sort of freeing up.

There must be many out there who would claim that with the explosion of the internet, we have moved into a new age of the autodidactic community. In this age of the electrified human spirit, peer-to-peer learning can take place on all kinds of levels, circumnavigating all kinds of boundaries that would be insurmountable otherwise. Some days I have tiny flashes of recognition where I see this utopian vision shimmering on the horizon, but the feeling that my body is being subjugated to sensory input without any way of participating is probably more common.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s always more useful to learn though personal experience. This affords the opportunity of grasping excitingly spontaneous connections and momentary flashes of insight that are hard won by other means.

When artists intrude on the realm of the curator are they counteracting the usual hierarchy? Are they seeking the thrill of the new?

Maybe they are just finding channels of expression for themselves. Things could be pretty difficult if everyone had to hang about waiting for a curator to pass by before anything could happen.

In this light the artist as curator is a manifestation of a DIY ethos, an opportunity to gain some control in a world of uncertainty.

Artists curating can have a variety of interesting social outcomes. ‘Energising artistic dialogue,’ forming a ‘conduit for collaboration’ or generating a dynamism that can propel us into unknown territory.

There is a lot of fighting over this contested patch of ground. It seems that artists are often made anxious at the prospect of relinquishing control to the curator. Curators are often insistent that they must be taken seriously, sometimes deploying weighted wordiness to flatten the opposition in their stead.

At the end of the day people will probably just go on doing their thing… whatever that is.

it is undeniable that interesting things happen in the gaps.

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