Listening Beyond the Horizon Jessica Ramm

Photo Etching on Zinc Plate, 2013

Following the completion of Newton’s pendulum deflection experiment in 1774, Schiehallion became the yard-stick by which man could at last measure himself against the infinite space of the universe. Looking out towards the heavens, the empirically enlightened gaze could now see its own intelligence reflected.

Meanwhile, out of sight on the other side of the mountain, the two Giants of Sìdh Chailleann are having their humps transfigured by the fairies. Part of a long running cyclical dance that moves through the Scottish landscape, this metamorphosis ensures that any illusion of control and certainty is relinquished in the presence of uncertain and capricious forces.

Schiehallion attracts those who wish to extend their senses beyond the horizon. But while we look out, we cannot be sure of the things we don’t see. Our backs are turned, and all incoming signals are obscured by the throbbing roar of the icy air.










One thought on “Listening Beyond the Horizon

  1. so much like the photo. the whirl going down, the sky being sucked in and the woman holding her ears against the growling of the elements, i want to hear but it might be too much

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