A show that pulls you in and sucks you down into the twilight zone. Between the late and early is a non-time non-place, half enveloping you and half inside you.

The RSA’s 187th annual exhibition is curated by Eddie Summerton, Neil Gillespie and Elco Hooftman, who appear to have a natural aptitude for seeking out the uncanny.

Allison Schulnik’s animation is populated by amorphous plasticine figures who grow and decay as though both they and I are under the same dreamlike spell. Watching the small figures marching and being buffeted by an invisible wind reminds me of a simultaneously horrifying and tantalising textural sensation I used to experience as a child. 10505_10151060054041592_704173065_n

Gabriela Fridriksdottir’s fearsome fettish objects appear to come from some exotic far-off land where magic is worked through the construction of strange models made of chicken bones, clay and (possibly) human hair.


Hannah Tulikki’s Air falabh leis na h-eòin mimics the sounds of scottish birds at they echo through the landscape while Graham Fagan’s Natural Anarchy reminds us that nothing is certain except uncertainty.
















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