With the help of Francis Mckee and Talitha Kotze I asked the Tarot cards to advise on my current work as well as the academic year ahead.

This is what they said:

tarrot 1

It seems that I have a make or break year ahead, bringing endings and new beginnings. Perhaps there is a risk of stagnation, but I have been well equipped with the tools I need to move forward.

I have been repeatedly assured that drawing death as the first card is not in itself an omen.

Looking closely, I can see Neil Mulholland making an appearance.


This year I’m going to focus on:

Pursuing ‘conversation’ within the gallery space

When displaying my work, I see the function of each piece as analogous to an individual voice taking part in a debate or discussion. By displaying works in groups, each object is able to interject with its own point of view, raising a set of questions which normally raise further questions, rather than answers.

At times the gallery space can get noisy, and though I do not believe it is my place to produce answers, chairing the debate will certainly be a necessity.

Towards metastructure

As a gatherer of disparate parts and a connector of incompatible objects, I have often struggled with the technicalities of constructing works that appear to defy the rules of physics. It is not that I set out to create ‘magic’ but more that I am inherently fascinated by the improbable nature of things.

Creating improbably functioning, sometimes chaotic works that appear to articulate themselves through illogical means positions me as an ‘anti-engineer.’ By shunning common sense and practicality in favour of an absurdist approach that is never far from failure I am able to cultivate unexpected outcomes. For this reason the objects I make are able to take up a life of their own.

However, the semi autonomous artwork can prove difficult to contain. Necessitating extremely challenging installs and constant supervision. Perhaps building containment structures or supporting frameworks to place my work within will enable me to continue exploring the ideas I have outlined above while affording me more flexibility as an artist.


Recently my work has gone through a period of transition, as is necessary from time to time. Having fully explored one set of ideas for the time being I have gone on to incorporate a number of new themes into my work, and the process of working out how everything links together can be slow, since I haven’t done enough making to be able to see the bigger picture.

While I don’t see this as a problem for the work itself (it is actually very exciting), it has been causing me some consternation when forced to write about my current work. Verbal articulation before a work has fully settled on its meaning pins things down too quickly and doesn’t leave space for the viewer. For this reason the words come out dead and lumpy.

This term I will resolve how to better articulate my current research by returning to explore poetry as a form of art-writing.

From this moment on I will endeavour to say it succinctly.




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