Following the completion of murmur, I was intrigued to learn of a Fife-based Amateur Radio Society that meets in order to send and receive microwave transmissions. John, a member of the society, very kindly sent me an audio recording of FUNcube satellite sending and receiving data while passing overhead. In the recording the satellite’s synchronising tone lowers in pitch as it moves further away. Till now I hadn’t realised that distance could have such a pure tonal quality.

In return I sent John a copy of murmur. These images  are his response:


‘Volume rendering of baryon density at current epoch’, a visualisation of the large scale structure of the universe.. Learn more here.


The surface of Europa, One of Jupiter’s moons. Read more here.


The sun’s surface, with gas streaming off, following the magnetic fields.






One thought on “MURMUR: Telementry Signals

  1. Reblogged this on Suzanne van der Lingen and commented:
    Jessica Ramm just posted this on her blog; it would be interesting to follow this up when we continue our project, possibly getting John involved or the Amateur Radio Society as a group.

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