The studio is now up and running for the assessments on Monday.

I’m displaying two finished works: MURMUR and Walking of the Peats, as well as three ongoing research projects.

Elements of my practice this term that are not directly on display in the studio:

  • I have completed four exhibitions: RESIDENT 13 at the Royal Scottish Academy, CONVOCATION at Glasgow School of Art, LEAVE THE CAPITOL at the Fleming Collection and THE FOLD at London St. Gallery, Derry.
  • I sat on the selection panel for Hidden Door 2014 along with David Martin, Matt Storstein, Bronwen Sleigh and Rachel Maclean.
  • My work has been featured in a variety of forums: Creative Scotland Website, Hidden Door Artist of the Week, Scottish Art News magazine, Glasgow School of Art website, Central Station website, Radio Scotland and The List, as well as being featured on two exhibition posters.
  • I delivered a presentation of my work at the Royal Scottish Academy.
  • I have taken part in a workshop with Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and will deliver a performance alongside fellow students in Nottingham next year.
  • I have grown closer to my fellow students this term, giving and receiving more peer to peer support than before.

I’m feeling good about this term. Its been very hard work but at this point I’m feeling confident about the year ahead.


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