DSC08608A potential boulder from glen Isla, Angus

‘Few people are likely to proclaim out loud that stone is alive, yet there are many who privately believe that some kind of consciousness permeates the material world. Struggling to be precise about it is the difficulty. Issac Newton felt that every part of the universe is intelligent, that animal, vegetable and mineral are categories that naturally overlap, and that in some cases can morph one into another. Some ideas of life are suggested by vocabulary. The idea that stone grows like an agricultural crop is  evident when the word used for pulling stone out of the earth is to “harvest” it. The term “quarry sap” suggests that freshly quarried stone, like newly butchered meat or freshly cut wood, has some residual blood in it. ‘

Excerpt from The Quarry by Joel Fisher in Stone,  Black Dog Publishing 2011


Boulder 2, Glen Isla

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