Exertion has many forms.

Negotiating the movement of a large rock through a venerable institution proves a difficult task.

Over the last few months a large proportion of my energy has gone into setting up communication paths within the institution, persuading in stages, assuaging fears, befriending as necessary, being stubborn by turns. Keeping lines of contact constantly open and nudging people in the right direction is a slow and arduous process.

But it will be worth it.

Over the past weeks I have established the parameters of my own project now my task is to persuade everyone else to agree with me. There is no time to do otherwise.

A list of established technical parameters:

  • My work can be as heavy as any previous work displayed in these studios: so I have compiled an anthology of the heaviest works at ECA (many thanks to Kim Wilson for her assistance in this)
  • My work may be displayed in the studio only if I bring in an engineer to calculate the strength of the floor: Thanks to Lorne Macdougall for advising on the structure of the wooden floor and to Nachinji Mumba for her engineering expertise and for talking me through Eurocode1 building regulations.
  • My work must be positioned above the steel crossbeams that support the floor: Thanks to Alisastair Brown for assisting in taking these measurements and providing scale plans of the building.

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