Yesterdays presentation went well. It was good to meet students from Glasgows MFA  and Environmental Art courses. One of the students in the audience was from the Flow Country in Sutherland where I made Cloud Release. She has been making a work about pulling a trolley of heather around Glasgow which sounds like a project on a similar tack to some of my own.


punters drink beneath Listening Beyond the Horizon

For the evening’s concert Alex and I put together a selection of images to accompany the performers as they played. It was exciting and surprising to see how the juxtapositions worked out.  Some images we fantastically in tune, some were quite frankly odd. I thrive on the excitement of not knowing which way it will fall.


musicians from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig play benieth Alex’s image of the Quiraing.


Kathleen Macinnes sings Oran na Cloiche with Walking of the Peats

Hearing Kathleen  Macinnes sing Oran na Cloiche alongside Walking of the Peats was definitely a highlight of the evening. Oran na Cloiche is a Gaelic song written by Donald Macintyre that tells of the theft of the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey on Cristmas Day 1950.

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