It has been a very difficult decision but I have decided to edit the feather out of my degree show.

Now that the rock is sitting in its final location it is pretty clear that it should remain just as it is- a rock, strapped down and ready for transportation.

The success of this work relies on recognising the human exertion that has been pitted against the rock. By displaying it in its simplest form, I will be better able to edit my works in a way that raises a more concise question about materiality.

I have always understood the rock to be a measureing tool and this won’t have changed. I had hoped that the feather would provide a way of ‘activating’ the rock, a tactile interaction that would enable the viewer to empathise with this stone. Through this anthropocentric gesture I had hoped to move one step closer to understanding how matter behaves, in turn enabling me to work out whether we are ‘in control’ of matter after all.

I have realised that thinking into matter is a difficult business within a culture that is built upon the preconception of the material world as being a substrate to be acted upon. 

Michael Stumf’s current exhibition, This song belongs to those who sing it has been receiving some stick recently because his publicity images don’t seem to match the actual content of the show.I can well imagine his predicament as I’m now in a similar situation myself.

Through the pursuit of the feather I caught a rock…in that respect it has worked- like a fishing fly catching a salmon.


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