mashed up pulp

Mashed up Pulp (experiment), OS board, shoe polish, cornstarch,

In Scotland Orientated Strand board is made in a factory near inverness. There is a high probability that the Sitka Spruce plantations we encountered in Sutherland will end up reconstituted in this form.

This composite wood is made by shredding pine trees into thin chips before compacting them back together under high pressure. Effectively then, this material is a wafer of forest. It’s fascinating that OS board is so ubiquitous with the man-made world while also containing particles of an entire arboreal landscape within itself.

I’m thinking about using this material somehow in conjunction with the Cloud Release work I made in Sutherland. The man-made cloud being released out into the sky would be tethered within this particulate material. Experiments are currently underway.

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