I have sustained a particularly high level of contribution to the course this term. Having undertaken a technically challenging work myself, I have taken particular care to support others in their work in the knowledge that I am relying on their help in turn. As well as assisting with studio projects I have coordinated degree show meetings and helped keep the planning and execution of the show as democratic as possible by maintaining a high level of communication with other students. In particular I have liaised with ECA PR and administration staff as well as the Talbot Rice, the RSA and other external institutions to ensure publicity for our show. I have also assisted in compiling contact lists and sending invites as part of the PR team.

As well as taking part in Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s performance at Nottingham Contemporary and the Print Portfolio project, I have instigated an evening of responses to Masters of the Multiverse to run on the 28th May. I secured funding for the event and asked Maria Fusco to speak and Dave Sherry to deliver a performance: the organisation of this event is ongoing.

This term I have undertaken challenging negotiations on behalf of my own work while also helping to reconcile disputes among other students, particularly during install. For the production of my own work it was essential to negotiate borrowing a stone with landowners, to work effectively alongside estates and buildings, to resolve complicated logistical challenges with contractors, to work closely with health and safety, as well as seeking advice from structural engineers and other external professionals when necessary.


I have disseminated my work in various appropriate ways this term. I undertook Remote Possibilities: a 10-day residency at Timespan in Sutherland culminating in an exhibition there. I also worked collaboratively with nationally acclaimed acoustic improvisation band Sink, to deliver a performance installation for Hidden Door, a not for profit arts festival for whom I was also on the initial selection panel.

Since my work is very process-led I particularly enjoy delivering artists talks. This term I presented my work at CCA Glasgow and Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee. In June I will also speak at Moving Mountains: studies in place, society and cultural representation alongside Keynote speakers Professor Tim Ingold, Professor Veronica della Dora and Professor Eamonn O’Carragain, at Edinburgh College of Art.

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